Multi-unit projects

Our contract

Over the last ten years we have also been supplying contract furniture.

The contract department liaises extensively with the rest of company so that we can come up with both limited edition custom-built pieces, or take on much bigger production jobs, offering top quality finishes, no matter how large or small the job.

In recent years we have supplied:

  • furniture from our catalogue range, fine tuning the designs with one or two optional variations
  • kitchens built using non-standard materials and components
  • non-standard sized pieces, using different building techniques from the norm, and kitchens ready for self-assembly
  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms
  • offices
  • various panels including Boiserie panels

The skilled knowledge of our expert contract team coupled with over forty years¡¯ experience in the furniture trade, means that we can offer a full range of services including:

  • a careful analysis of your design needs, starting with your client¡¯s brief and design specifications
  • a detailed costs estimate, taking account of your project budget, making sure that you can get the goods with the best value for money
  • creation of prototypes and full mock-ups for fitting and room testing
  • manufacturing for the whole project, so that we can combine economy of scale with the kind of quality you could expect from retail furniture owing to our:
    • carefully selecting choice materials (i.e.: top quality veneers chosen etc.)
    • quality control in production (i.e. checking colours are uniform and that final products have quality finishes etc.)
    • checking assembly goes smoothly, including individually labelled single items according to client needs
    • loading goods in keeping with the best logic, taking into account unloading and placement on site
  • help organising transport from our works to your final destination, including individual labelling of all items
  • assistance during the installation stage, either in the form of professionals with a detailed knowledge of the products who can advise, or sending one or more trained fitters to do the job
  • technical and manufacturing assistance both on site and from a distance, both during the fitting stage and after installation has taken place


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