The encounter between the days of yesterday and those of a time still to come. “Avenue” is about beauty, elegance, and awakening the senses.

All of our greatest cities bear landmarks ce-lebrating the triumph of man and culture over the years.The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris is a fine example. This grand tree-lined avenue, passes from the Louvre Museum and Place de l’Étoile. Home to the Comité des Champs Élysées, a committee whose one and only role is to come up with ideas to maintain and reinforce the luxurious splendour of this avenue.

The same sumptuous feel that we have aimed for in our Avenue collection. Thousands of different lives and stories play out in such avenues, this is the flavour that permeates “Avenue”. Thousands of scenarios of love and passion all taking a route that leads to just one place, the place we have created especially for you.


Think of a style that best represents you. Think of an elegant encounter as a way of expressing your persona-lity.

Choose every last detail to fit any size you like.Welcome to the world of “Avenue”.

Aster World

New finishes

We love to experiment, take new paths, mix things up by adding a touch of the unexpected, a pinch of magic.
Quality techniques and functional perfection contribute to the creation of each of our collections, of each individual project.
And this is the magical charm of design that our customers love to experience

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