Architectural Rationalism and Personal Mood


In Aster we went further.
We have given each of our collections a key to reading, a meaning, a soul.
Because our kitchens live with us every day of our life

We work differently.

Interpreting different design “moods”
Aster today, make it personal.

The word mood can have many different meanings. A mood can be how we feel at any given time. The prevailing emotion conditioning all of our choices.
Telling the tale of each different mood, describing moods, picturing them, using design to make moods manifest, bestowing a gift that will be at once unique and memorable

Moderno is all about what happening now, today. It’s all about what’s going on today, things that weren’t here yesterday and won’t be there tomorrow.
As a design mood Moderno gives you a mere fleeting moment.
The fascination with the dual struggle between the strength and weakness needed to be in the now of today’s contemporary life.

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Works in process is how we like to define our Factory mood.
Think of this as an atelier teeming with ideas, cross-contaminations of different styles and materials. Steel and wood. Corten weathered steel and gloss lacquered finishes? The Factory mood is all about breaking rules for people who don’t just want to tow the line.
It’s about taking a stand for non-conformists, with the accent on standing out from the ordinary.
Eclectic, transgressive, unique.

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As a “design mood” Transitional is for people who love to travel through time, interpreting, changing, always moving forward.
Transitional is all about the journey. The best example in architecture might be the kind of main road you find in a great city. As time passes the road will have been inhabited by history, a road that lives in the present yet looks forward to future times, whilst still being invested in the present day. Transitional is a mood for those who like to wear something different every day. For those who never stop going on a journey, those who love to live each day as if it were a truly new day.

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Luxury Glam is an intimate creative mood. It takes its inspiration by people who love luxury, but want to have more fun so they add a touch of “glamour” too.
With a playful combinations of golds and silvers, gloss finishes and mirrors, with luxurious surfaces and precious woods, we’ve given everything you need to create a look that is all about the glamour.
The mood for Luxury Glam is one you can’t quite put your finger on…something evoked by the subtle power of association.
The concept of Glamour is all about the perfect look one of luxury and opulent excess. It’s all about the fun you can have with excess, making interiors that wink at you knowingly, that’s the secret of their universal appeal.
It’s not hard to imagine being inspired by the mood of Luxury Glam.

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Tradizionale is the mood with a classical feel.
This is the mood for people inspired by the traditions of the past who want to reflect this in the spaces they inhabit. Traditionale need not necessarily be represented by single items of furniture, it is more about a certain style, with a look that hints at days gone by, but with roots firmly but reassuringly planted in the past.

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