«And it’s strong in me the meaning of its “eternity”» . I have framed the time going by, the work of art of Nature in a unique paint, new and never alike, a one-off masterpiece. I can read in its veins the flow of time and each of its seasons.

Contempora is like a journey. A journey taking us on a trip across all the ages and places of our daily lives. A voyage through the workings of our minds, in a creative play of ideas with unlimited freedom.

A voyage to accompany the ebb and flow of time which, in any given moment, hides its true meaning, passion and mystery. With an innate vanity in its play-ful use of light, as if to reflect the pleasures of the soul. An outing to discover the luxury of a love which knows no compromise.


Strength and delicacy are paired together. Rigor is given a strong yet intimate geometry.

The geometry of the doors cut at 45° angles com-bined with carefully selected material. Lacquered doors, doors in wood. Stone and different types of marble. The 45° angle cut on these materials bears witness to the high quality. Skilled techniques exult a stunning design aesthetic. The careful geometry of the kitchen lightens the overall look with each vani-shing point carefully drawn for a clean essential look.

Aster World

New finishes

We love to experiment, take new paths, mix things up by adding a touch of the unexpected, a pinch of magic.
Quality techniques and functional perfection contribute to the creation of each of our collections, of each individual project.
And this is the magical charm of design that our customers love to experience

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