Domina, Dominae / donna, regina della casa Dominor, Dominari / controllare lo spazio Domus, Domus / casa

Space is all around us. the real challenge is how we way tame it. DOMINA is all about taking control. Taming any space, brea-king rules, taking control.DOMINA is never merely ordinary, DOMINA is extraordinary. For a collection that puts “design thinking” into practice, so each pencilled line marks that which domina creates.


The pencil draws what Domina creates, every corner, every space, every material, every colour.

Domina is all about dominating the space it fills, taking charge of the colours. Sensuous curves have evolved to celebrate curves as a key decorative feature of design.

Aster World

New finishes

We love to experiment, take new paths, mix things up by adding a touch of the unexpected, a pinch of magic.
Quality techniques and functional perfection contribute to the creation of each of our collections, of each individual project.
And this is the magical charm of design that our customers love to experience

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