Opera truly sets the scene for raised passions. Taking as its cultural inspiration the Italian Renaissance and adding dignity to enrich its artfully crafted fur-niture. The whole world takes the Italian Renaissance as an artistic and cultural point of reference. The theatre standing at the centre with all the plays, dreams and magic it offers. A form of magic spell that only great Operas can weave.

Opera celebrates a time, inspired by the time where the beauty of the Italian Renaissance reigned as a constant for the world of art and culture.

The magic of the stage has captured our imagination and is now spreading its wings even further. Opera collection starts life in the kitchen but is designed to enrich the experience of enjoying every space in the home.


Light traces the outlines. The reflections and veins tell the story of its age.

Opera sets the scene for strong passions, it is all about design and poetry. Masterful strokes and materials.

Aster World

New finishes

We love to experiment, take new paths, mix things up by adding a touch of the unexpected, a pinch of magic.
Quality techniques and functional perfection contribute to the creation of each of our collections, of each individual project.
And this is the magical charm of design that our customers love to experience

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