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ASTER CUCINE SPA. (following, for brevity, also Aster) it furnishes her to the senses of the article 13 of the d.lgs 196/2003 (code in subject of protection of the personal data) some information related to the treatment of the personal data effected on the occasion of the visit to the site (following, for brevity, also the "site").

1. Harvest and treatment of data personal

Data of navigation 
We inform you that our web servers automatically record some information related to the electronic devices of access from her used, what the name of its internet service provider, the page internet from which it originates, the pages internet from her you visit on our site, the date and the duration of the visit. 

Addresses IP
The identification of IP addresses it is necessary for the management of the site and particularly for the diagnosis and the prevention of technical problems, of non authorized intrusions and/or of possible abuses in the fruition of the various services offered by the site. IP addresses are not of rule connected to information identificative of your person, but for them same nature they would be able, through elaborations and associations with data held by bystanders to allow to identify the consumers.

During the navigation inside our site can be besides harvests information able to identify your computer or browser through of the called files "cookies." The "cookies" are laces of text criptate that is filed by a site web on the computer of the consumer with the purpose to subsequently allow its rapids identification. These files allow to personalize a site internet, to furnish an easier navigation to the consumer and, through a quantitative verification of the accesses to the various pages web, a best presentation of the in demand information. You can always ask for the deactivation of the cookieses modifying the formulations of the browser of navigation (internet explorer, safari etc.), but such deactivation can slow down or to prevent the access to some parts of the site.

Data voluntarily furnished
you decides to record him to the site or to ask for the Aster information, will be asked you to fill out a form and to furnish personal data. In such case you will be furnished the informative to the senses of the art. 13 of the d.lgs. 196/2003 related to the treatment of the personal data in relationship to the single pursued finalities

2. Conferment of the data

Apart how much specified for the data of navigation and the cookieses, the conferment of the data for further finalities of the treatment is optional. Their missed conferment can involve the impossibility to pursue such further finalities.

3. Finality of the treatment and circle of communication of the personal data

Aster will treat its personal data, for the technical administration of the site web, for the management of the registrations to the site, to answer to its applications of information and previous solo his/her express train consent, to the goals of profiling and marketing. Such data won't be communicated to third for finality of marketing neither transferred to the foreign countries without its consent and they won't be diffused. Its data will be treated by the employees and collaborators of Aster as appointees and persons responsible of the treatment. Its data can be treated by society of our trust that develops for our account you spell of technical and organizational nature. To title esemplificativo and not exhaustive: society that furnishes services of maintenance of the site. These societies are ours direct collaborators and they develop the function of person responsible of the treatment. Their list is constantly adjourned and it is available on application sending a communication to the address under suitable or an e-mail to

4. Formality of the treatment

Your personal data will tightly be essays with automated tools for the necessary time to achieve the purposes for which they have been picked. Specific safety measures are observed for preventing the loss of the data, illegitimate uses or not correct and non authorized accesses.

5. Diffusion of the data

Your personal data won't be diffusion subjects.

6. Your rights
You can practice the anticipated rights from the art. 7 of the d. Lgs. June 30 th 2003, n. 196 that, for your convenience, we integrally transcribe in mortar to the privacy policy.

Art. 7. Access right to the data personal and other rights

Aster is Titular of the treatment, with legal center in Pesaro, Street Ferraro Manlio sn.. The person responsible of the treatment of the personal data on behalf of Aster is Salvatore Errera. To the person responsible of the treatment the comparison competes to the party in relationship to the exercise of the rights above suitable; any application related to the personal data treated by Aster can be turned insofar to the aforesaid person responsible: writing to Aster Cucine spa. Street Ferraro Manlio sn - Fax +39.0721.282280. email:; or calling to the n. +39.0721.281276.

1. The party has the right to get the confirmation of the existence or less than personal data that they concern you, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

2. The party has the right to get the indication:
a. Of the origin of the personal data;
b. Of the finalities and formality of the treatment;
c. Of the logic applied in case of treatment effected with the aid of electronic tools;
d. Of the extreme identified you of the holder, of the persons responsible and of the designate representative to the senses of the article 5, paragraph 2
e. Of the subjects or of the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that of it can come to knowledge as designate representative in the territory of the state, of persons responsible or entrusted.

3. The party has the right to get:
a. The updating, the rectification or, when it has you interest, the integration of the data;
b. The cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of law, inclusive those of which not the maintenance is necessary in relationship to the purposes for which the data have been picked or subsequently essays; 
c. The attestation that the operations of which to the letters a) and b) we have been suited to knowledge, also as it regards their content, of those people to which the data have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case in which such fulfillment reveals him impossible or it openly behaves an employment of means disproportionate in comparison to the protected right. 

4. The party has the right to oppose, in everything or partly:
a. For legitimate motives to the treatment of the personal data that concern him and pertinent to the purpose of the harvest; 
b. To the treatment of personal data that they concern him to thin of dispatch of advertising material or direct sale or for the conclusion of searches of market or commercial communication. 

Art. 13. Informative

1. The party or the person near which the personal data are picked are orally informed or in writing around:
a) the finalities and the formalities of the treatment which the data are destined;
b) the obligatory or optional nature of the conferment of the data;
c) the consequences of a possible refusal to answer;
d) the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that of it can come to knowledge as responsible or entrusted, and the circle of diffusion of the data themselves;
e) the rights of which to the article 7;
f) the extreme identified you of the holder and, if designated, of the representative in the territory of the State to the senses of the article 5 and the person responsible. When the holder has designated more persons responsible is suitable at least one of them, pointing out the site of the net of communication or the formalities through which is knowable in easy way the list adjourned of the persons responsible. When a person responsible has been designate for the comparison to the party in case of exercise of the rights of which to the article 7, is suitable such person responsible.

2. The informative one of which to the paragraph 1 also contain the anticipated elements from specific dispositions of the present code and it are able not to already understand the elements known to the person that furnishes the data or whose knowledge can hinder in concrete the accomplishment, from a public subject, of functions ispettive or of control turns for finality of defense or safety of the State or of prevention, check or repression of crimes.

3. The Guarantor can individualize with really provision formality simplified for the informative one furnished particularly by telephone services of assistance and information to the public.

4. If the personal data are not picked near the party, the informative one of which to the paragraph 1, comprehensive of the categories of data essays, the same party is given to the action of the recording of the data or, when their communication is anticipated, not over the first communication.

5. The disposition of which to the paragraph 4 are not applied when:
a) the data are essays in base to an anticipated obligation from the law, from a rule or from the normative community;
b) the data are essays to the goals of the carrying out of the defensive investigations of which to the law December 7 th 2000, n. 397, or, however, to make to be worth or to defend a right in the judicial center, always that the data are tightly exclusively essays for such finalities and for the necessary period to their pursuit;
c) the informative one to the party involves an employment of means that the Guarantor, prescribing possible appropriate measures, you openly pronounce disproportionate in comparison to the protected right, or you reveal him, in opinion of the Guarantor, impossible.

Thank you for having visited our site web (the "Site"). WE RECOMMEND TO READ WITH ATTENTION THE FOLLOWINGS GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE BEFORE USING THE SITE. The access to the Site and any use of the information that it contains they are subject to the followings general conditions of use (the "Conditions"). Where you don't agree with how much brought under the Conditions you are begged to abstain from any further use of the Site. Accessing the Site manifested your accord to legally be forced by the Conditions. Aster the right reserves him to modify to own discretion and in every moment the Conditions. We recommend therefore to verify its in force text, attended that the access to the Site will involve in every case the acceptance of every intervened variation

Aster offers this Site without any guarantee around its continuity and its contents. Particularly Aster doesn't release any guarantee, express or implicit, around the Site and its contents with reference to the ownership of the information contained , to the absence of harmful (how virus, worms and trojan horses) programs potentially and to the fitness of the contents to specific finality or to commercial uses. Aster doesn't guarantee in some way that the contained information in the present Site is accurate, complete and you adjourn, that the Site is I deprive of defects or that it will set remedy to possible defects. Accessing the Site action of the circumstance that every use of his happens to Yours exclusive risk and danger take, particularly approved to assume you the risk of every and any loss of data, impossibility of use and cost of reparation of the computer endowments and the programs from You used in relationship to the access and the use of the Site. Aster won't be in some way responsible of the direct damages, indirect specific or generic of any nature (and to put aside from the circumstance that pits or less to knowledge of the possibility that such damages could take place) in relationship to the use of this Site. Where the possibility to exclude the implicit guarantees is not recognized by a specific juridical arrangement the content of the exclusions that you/they precede it would be able not to find, in everything or partly, application.

Aster won't be in some responsible way, to title of contractual responsibility or not contractual responsibility, for any direct or indirect, actual or potential, specific or generic damage that had to derive from the use, from the missed use and from the performance of any produced , information or contained present in the Site (and this entirely to put aside that Aster was to knowledge or less than the possibility of the to take place of such damage). Since some jurisdictions don't allow the exclusion or limitation of responsibility for the damages direct or indirect some of the limitations of which above they would be able not to find application.

Enteringo to the Site hocked you to manlevare, to hold uninjured and to defend Aster, his checked societies and connected, his employees, administrators and claimed any shareholders of bystanders (included the legal and judicial expenses reasonably sustained in relationship to them) from advanced claimed any from third around Your use of the Site or in relationship to it.

This Site in his complex and the whole material in it content, it is protected from the right of author and from other rights of intellectual ownership. You can visualize insofar, to stamp and to entirely copy the contents of this Site (among which, to title merely exemplification, texts, images, animations, video, logo and sketches) to personal ends of not commercial nature. Except here prepared as you not allowed to use, to modify, to stamp, to show, to reproduce, to distribute or to publish the contained information in this Site without the consent written of Aster. This Site can contain material protected by rights of intellectual ownership of bystanders. In such cases the allowed uses must be verify with the holders or licensing of the relative rights what of time in time individualized in the Site.

All the contributions or material transmitted to Aster for the medium of the Site, included the questions, comments, suggestions et similar related to the content of the Site (collectively, the "Contributions") will be considered not of confidential nature. Particularly Aster won't be in some way forced in relationship to such Contributions and you/he/she can freely copy, to use, to use, to reveal to third, to show, to modify, to create works of derivative nature and to publish the Contributions without any limitation or correspondent. Additionally to how much it precedes Aster the right it reserves him to use, without recognizing some correspondent ideas, concepts, know-how or contained techniques in the Contributions to any goal, included ivi, by way of example, the production and marketing of services with these contributions.

This Site can contain delays to other sites web ("Links"). Aster declines every responsibility in order to the contents and the accessible materials near such sites or however obtainable for them through. All the links to other sites as every other information reference coming from third sources, cannot be in some way held as an express or implicit guarantee from Aster. Questions and inherent comments the sites recalled by the links must entirely be turned to the administrators of the sites themselves. This Site can contain, besides, information coming from third sources, of time in time duly suitable, to which must do exclusive reference for every inherent matter their accuracy, truthfulness and completeness.

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The contained material in this site can contain not accurate information and typographic errors. Aster declines every responsibility in losses order or caused damages or connected to the trust served as the consumers of the Site on the information in it contained. It stays therefore to care and load of the consumer the independent evaluation of the accuracy of the information published on this Site. Aster the right reserves him to modify in any moment the Site and its contents without obligation of preventive or following communication.

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